Letter to Auckland and Performance Times

Dear People of Auckland,

We are terribly excited about performing for you in our Campervan! You can choose from 12 choreographies based on cupcake making, argument devising, anatomical calendars and claustrophobic existence. No two shows are the same!

Lots of Love, Alys and Val.

Performance Times:

5-6pm & 7-8pm, Sat. 29 September Tapac carpark

Sun. 30 September Aotea Square [cancelled]

7-8pm & 9-10pm, Mon. 1 October Tapac carpark

7-8pm & 9-10pm, Fri. 5 October Tapac carpark

7-8pm & 9-10pm, Sat. 6 October Tapac carpark

We can only host 6 people at a time in the camper so audiences will be relatively restricted. If you want to book to see our show, leave us a message on this blog and we will book you in. Can't wait to see you!

Thursday, 27 September 2007

Camper around the world

Dear the World,

Well we have just completed the wonderful social art experiment, sponsored by the ever-fabulous Tempo- N.Z's Festival of Dance- of touring our caravan around public spaces in Ak City and inviting the public in for a free show- we have now performed at Waitoki Farmer's Market, an inner city square in a very stylie shopping district (Freyberg Square) Mission Bay Beach(where we were tucked in to a not perfectly visible carpark on the beach side) and QE2 Square today. It is just wild inviting strangers into our little world, serving tea, biscuits and a handful of dances! We have met a huge range of people, Today I dropped Val while we performed to 7 teenagers (woops) (don't worry, she was okay, l- I couldn't see at the time, come and see the show and you'll understand) who I think found the work harder to understand than the children, mothers, artists, and travellers who are often keen to see something new. Maybe we have some work to do before we achieve Auckand cool. We thought we were doing pretty well on the cool front, but maybe we've got a little while to go.

We present menu's and the audience gets to choose their work like a meal- entree, main, dessert. It feels like everyone who has come and had a cup of tea with us is part of a random extended family. We were thrilled to celebrate laura's birthday with our little travelling show, we had candles and cake and everything!!

Hope to see you soon, birthday parties could become a speciality- feel free to have us host your birthday celebrations- as long as the celebrations can be achieved within 15 mins!!

Photos to come!!!


Wednesday, 19 September 2007

How to find Tapac

Don't know where Tapac is? Well don't worry, it's not too hard to find. It's on Motions Rd, Western Springs, just opposite (and up the road from) the entrance to Auckland Zoo. To help you out we have drawn a map.

Saturday, 18 August 2007



drew da picture said...

I want to come camping with you on Sat 29 September. I am only passing through Auckland on that day with a friend. Will there be enough room for both of us? What time will work for you?

Val Smith and Alys Longley said...

Hi drew da picture,

On the 29th you can choose 5.00, 5.20, or 5.40

7.00, 7.20, or 7.40

- and the booking will be fine for you and your friend!!

Let us know when to expect you- looking forward to your visit

Toodle Pip,
Val and ALys


and remembering is about recalling the sensation as though she is touching me. Once I have remembered, the movement floods in. Head falling back shoulders falling forward

i can feel the cold air upon the tense muscles of my raised throat. The palest parts of me are my hands and feet, hand wraps like a plant. Hard roof, beams, roof beams bare as muscles immersed in movement